Restoration of antique furniture

Contact Atelier 1312 for the restoration, reparation, refurbishment or restoring old and antique furniture. Such as cabinets, tables, chairs, desks, flap secretaries, writing tables, changing tables, drawing tables and seating furniture. But also other wooden interior objects.

The name Atelier 1312 comes from the number of my former workspace in an old chocolate factory where several companies / workshops are located.

Het eindresultaat van de restauratie inclusief de zitting

Restoration of Biedermeier dining room chairs

Donkerbruine Gelderse kussenkast

Gelderse cushion case, restored

Antique restoration

My motto is to restore a piece of furniture in the original state with respect for the history it has gone through. Functionality and usability are the starting point. For me restoration is the combination of usability and the history of the furniture.

For examples, look at the photos with accompanying explanations. If you want to see an overview of restoration work, you can click on antique restoration. In addition to restoration work, I also make new custom furniture. I also perform work on location.


The emphasis of my work in Atelier 1312 is on the finer restoration and finishing techniques. Such as: turning, veneer work, inlay work, sawing, planing, sanding, biting, cleaning, gluing, pickling, painting and finishing layers, such as putting wax on the furniture The types of wood I work with in general are oak, mahogany, walnut and various types of fruitwood.

2 nieuwe lades in krat staan klaar voor vervoer

Two drawers for an Art Deco sideboard

Eindresultaat van het buro

Restoration of a desk top with leather


I had my education at the Hout- en Meubilerings College in Rotterdam. A four-year professional training for traditional furniture making with a specialization in restoration. Here I got a good foundation to continue working on it, because I wanted to get a better grip on a number of restoration techniques and to deepen them further.

Over the years I have visited other furniture restorers and furniture makers who were willing to teach me their skills. With this knowledge I have developed my own restoration technique. After years of working experience in an antique business, I started my own studio from 2002.


Atelier 1312 is located in the Binckhorst in The Hague, centrally located between The Hague, Leidschendam-Voorburg and Rijswijk. But I also work for the immediate environment such as Zoetermeer, Delft, Nootdorp, Pijnacker, Wassenaar and Voorschoten.

  • Address: Junostraat 6a, 2516 BR, The Hague.
  • Email:
  • Phone: 06-48937987.
  • Registration number Chamber of Commerce: 17144961.

If you want to visit me, contact me first by telephone to make a appointment. With some regularity I am also working on location.

Interieur werplaats

Workshop Atelier 1312